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WiFi AP Profesional Integrada de 19dBi 802.11AN Hasta 40Mbps

[ORIX210] WiFi AP Profesional Integrada de 19dBi 802.11AN Hasta 40Mbps

WairLink professional access point. It has an integrated directional antenna for easy installation. PoE feed. 100 mW of power. 5GHz frequency. IP67 metal box. Ideal equipment for places with up to 6 cameras or point-to-point or multipoint links of short range and medium speed. WPA-AES security, MAC registration, firewall, extended channels and others. Operating temperature range from -20 to + 70ºC. WairLink devices are characterized by their good performance in extreme conditions and their very low annual failure rate. They are teams that work in free bands. They work with channels of 5, 10, 20 and 40 Mhz, and that is why they resist interference very well and can offer real speeds per antenna of up to 90 Mbps. In security matters they have all kinds of encryptions, including IPSEC, and allow VPN links. They can be managed remotely through SNMP, SSH, Telnet, Web or through custom applications.


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